Day One

Star Butterfly

Why the heck did I choose this random character to draw for my first sketch?

When I was a kid… okay, a teenager… I remember that I used to walk home as fast as I could, marathon style. So basically, slightly faster than normal, but not so fast that I couldn’t maintain that pace over about 45 minutes. The whole reason I did this was because 1) the normal bus company was on strike, and of course the new company didn’t know the route, so despite that it was 3 miles (or more) from school to my house, it was still faster for me to walk than wait for the bus driver to finally get to my stop. I did have a deadline after all. 

Back in the day, kids, we had to wait for shows that we wanted to watch to actually be on. There was no Netflix or Hulu, and streaming on a dial up connection would just have been a nightmare. School was out at 2:15, and Sailor Moon came on at 3:00…. but with all the commercials, it was about 3:10. It was also that sweet spot of time where I could watch TV completely uninterrupted by my parents coming home and asking melike a billion questions, like how was school? Did I have any homework? What do you want for dinner? Did you clean your room? Ugh! So many. Like I really wanted to be social when this brand new cartoon style called ANIME! was on. No to mention they were just so pretty…. sigh… Sailor Mars, you’re the bestest. Really. Way better than that whiner, Sailor Moon. She thinks she’s a princess or something.

Anyway… the character I chose to draw is Star Butterfly, from a cartoon with a similar name on Disney Channel. She’s like my spirit animal. (I’ll probably say that about a lot of things.) She’s weird, has all kinds of special powers, sort of, and is very, very reminiscent of Sailor Moon… but without all the seriousness and Negaverse, etc. Plus, there’s puppies with lasers!

I feel like I watch a lot of YouTubers, but it’s probably not as many as most people do and I am just being old. (Hey, I’m 35 now, that counts, right?) One of the YouTube channels I like to watch with my daughter is Drawing Wiff Waffles. (No typo.) And one of the things the artist Rin does is draws Rapunzel from Tangled every year so she can see how her art has improved over time. My plan is to do something similar with Star Butterfly, except that in the beginngin when I’m expecting the largest amount of improvement, I’m going to draw her more often.

I found the picture of Star in a Google image search that lead to a Pinterest pin with no way for me to find out if the character’s creator drew the image, or if it was a fan art. I used it as a reference (and redrew the wand a bit bigger in the corner for funsies). So, no tracing, but kind of copying like I’ve heard that many art students will do to learn the lines and why things are put the way they are from more famous paintings.

I can already see things that I would change if I were to draw it again, and maybe I will in future iterations of the drawing. I mentioned that I plan to kind of sort of do the same thing that Rin does, except different. My plan is to draw Star again in 3 months, and then in 6 months, in one year, in 18 months, and then in 2 years… and then once a year thereafter, thusly:

April 14
July 14
October 14
April 14 2020 (The final post of this project!)
October 14 2020
April 14 2021
Every year on my birthday from here on to infinity.

I’m excited, and looking forward to drawing some more… if only I knew what I am going to draw next…

April 14, 2019

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