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The Mountains and the Completely Unrelated Church

Trees and mountains. Mountains and trees. Another assignment in perspective and value. Another, I drew this, now you do it too. Another, I’m just going to do it to say I did it and get it over with. Though, I did learn a quick way to do trees that doesn’t look like I did it in first grade… and this one actually looks better on the screen instead of worse like they usually do. 🙂

That line in the way back? top? was there on the reference drawing as a way to keep the drawing contained I guess. He drew it, so I drew it… and then didn’t bother to erase it because it’s just a practice sketchbook sketch, and not something that I really care enough about to try and make it look super nice. This online course is really making me want my next semester drawing class now.

What I love: I like the mountain’s shading. It looks a lot better in this post than it does in my sketchbook. I think because it pulls the image further away from me. I guess? I think?  I already said that. But yeah, it looks a lot better. Like surprisingly so.

What I can improve: Again. Take my time. Haha. Erase the lines that need to be erased. Pay attention to my guide lines so that I don’t stray from them… like I did in the tree line. Do you see it? 🙂

I just want to get good, like really fast. I guess that is what’s making me so impatient that I’m not taking my time on these assignments. I just want to get to the good stuff. To the stuff that makes me happy when I draw it. Practicing perspective gets boring.

Another ‘draw what I draw’ lesson in perspective. Except that I didn’t draw what he drew. He drew a farm with the vanishing point dead center in the page… which looked kind of boring to me. So… the lesson was in one point perspective, and this one was actually pretty enjoyable. Please excuse what looks like a very dirty drawing… the black on the other side of the page is showing through. Remember? These are super cheap dollar store sketch pad papers that I’m using here. Because I didn’t want to screw up quality supplies… (As I watercolor in a coloring book using Windsor & Newton fancy shmancy paints… that I guess I’m going to have to share with you in the next post now haha).

What I love: It was kind of a pain in the butt at the time, but after it’s over now, I really liked drawing this. It reminds me of the church that my Great-Grandma took me to when I was a kid. A cute little white building with a black roof. That one was L- shaped though…this one not so much. I guess I drew a church instead of a farm because I had just gotten off the phone with my mom, who is a very Spiritual person… and she’s living in my Great-Grandma’s old home that she willed to my mom. It’s not a big impressive house, but it was her house, and was always one of my favorite places to go and she was one of my favorite people in the whole world.

What I can improve: I bet you think I’m going to stay that I wish I had taken my time. Well, guess what? Not this time, baby! I did take my time with this one… a lot of time… and a lot of changing where I wanted things, and a LOT of erasing. Really. Seriously. I need some stock in erasers. It was super late when I finished doing what I have here, and I wanted to add more, but I didn’t. I like it simple, and I was worried that too many details would over complicate the drawing. But more details would be nice. Like a tree or something else on that horizon line. Even a cute little picket fence that I have no idea how to draw would look good.

I don’t know if you noticed the dates on the drawings or not yet, but they are finally in the same month that I’m writing these posts. Actually, less than a week ago. I think. Hang on. (Five…siz… zeven…eight….none… crap.) One day over a week. Still, better than a month or more, yeah? I’m still not drawing every single day, but I am at least thinking about drawing every single day. I counted the pages remaining in my first sketchbook…you know, the one I felt like I’d be done with by this point. I’m only about a quarter of the way through. So I either need to step it up to catch up, if that’s even a thing, or just acknowledge that I’m going to have a lot more pages left over at the end of this project that I anticipated.

I also want to read since I have the free time to read what I want during the summer semester break, so it’s a huge struggle to choose between drawing and reading… and then there’s gaming. Haha. I’ve been gaming while my husband is at work and drawing or reading when he gets home and after I’ve made dinner. It’s kind of working out, except that some times I feel like there’s not enough time in the evenings to do both. I don’t exactly draw quickly, despite my constantly saying that I need to slow down and take my time. 🙂

If you’re interested, I found an app for Android phones. (Sorry, Apple users, you get most of the really cool, fun, creative apps, so meh.) Last post I mentioned that there are rumors about my husband’s job having us move (again) to a new location which means that our stuff may be in storage for a while. May. There’s no real way of knowing while the whole rumor is still just a rumor. Anyway, I found this app for my books. It’s kind of like Goodreads, but I think it’s better. You scan the UPC on your book, and it references the UPC to an ISBN in order to add it to your list of books. It uses a few different databases to find the books, so it’s not perfect… and if you have an older book, it’s probably not going to even have a UPC to scan, but you can manually put in the ISBN from the copyrights page and that usually pulls it up. 

Out of almost 200 books that I put in (our collection is very small… I know. We’ve lost a few boxes of books over the years and moves from state to state) I think I had to do a manual title/author search only twice. One of those times was because the book was written in the 1950s and just wasn’t in any of the databases. The app is free. There are no ads. I’ve been using it for three or four days now, and it’s not crashed on me once. You can also make a wish list, and it will add a “Buy now” link (or some phrasing like that, I forget what exactly it says) within the entry for the book and that takes you to Amazon. 

The woman who created the app isn’t charging for the app, and didn’t put ads in it to generate revenue. She says in her FAQ that if you buy a book using the link from the app, she does get a few cents from it, and it doesn’t cost the app user any more than it would if you bought it without going through the app. I figure, she took the time to make something great and not cumbersome, why not throw a few dimes her way when I’m looking for a new book? Especially since I bought more than a dozen books from any given number of series(es?) without realizing that they were from a series, and not the first one of the series… The series that I’m reading now, I had the first and the fourth one…. of six. So, naturally as I go along, I’m going to want to get the others. 🙂 I just finished the second one yesterday.

Anyway. The app is called My Library, and you can get it through Google Play.  I get absolutely nothing if you click that link. I’m just sharing what I think is a great app that will help me immensely in not buying duplicate copies because I cannot remember what I already have, especially if I haven’t read it yet. (I’m looking at you, pile of 97!!! unread books.)

June 12, 2019

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