Has It Really Been Six Days?

It Can't Be!

I Swear, I Just Drew This!

I just checked. Yep. Six days. The dating isn’t wrong. Ugh. I slack.

I thought that I drew the one on the top of the page on one day, and then a couple days later, I drew the one of the bottom. I was wrong. I drew them both on the same day. I think though, what may have happened, is that I drew the top raven after midnight, so technically, it was the 6th, and then I went to bed, and drew the next one that evening. I’m weird like that, and I blame my son’s always needing to be 100% exact on myself.

These ravens weren’t because I was told to draw birds. I drew them because I wanted to. I had seen a couple of YouTube videos where people were drawing black birds and calling them ravens. They were more crow-like than raven. Okay, they were just generic birds that happened to be black. Regardless, it made me want to draw them. The top bird is reference from a random Google image search that I just liked. I actually tried to pull up the site this time so I could be all referencey, but the site that the image linked to didn’t actually have the picture on it so…. *shrug.*

The second bird is referenced! I even asked permission from the photographer like a good little girl. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a website, but she does have a Facebook page, and it is beautiful. My drawing is garbage in comparison…and I think I drew the second one quite well haha. I’m intentionally leaving the next page in the sketchbook blank so I can add more ravens and have a two-page raven spread. 😀

What I love: I love ravens. Duh! They’re so smart, and have such personality. Every character who’s ever had a raven, or been associated with them has instantly had this… “I like you. We’re friends now” kind of affect on me. Maleficent and The Morrigan are two examples that come to mind. I don’t even care that technically they’re ‘bad guys.’ Ravens get such a bad rap. 

Anyway. I think I did the eyes very well, and the curve of the beak. I super love the feathers on the beak of the top bird.

What I can improve: A lot. I was going for drawing from a photograph to make it as much like the photographs as possible. I did not do that with the eyes. They have a slightly different shape. I don’t know if I was drawing what I thought I saw, or drawing what I wanted to draw, or what the deal was. I also have no idea how to draw feathers. I feel like these would be served better if I had used paints of any kind in order to shade and catch the light of the feathers. I did the best I could with my limited knowledge. That’s why I’m a student, right? I also didn’t get the head/body transition and the head shapes quite right. More practice required. Oh, twist my arm to make me draw more ravens! :p

In the last post, I mentioned that I had done watercolor in a coloring book with fancy paints, even though I’m drawing on dollar store sketch pad paper because I don’t want to ruin good supplies. The irony. I know. I also said that I would share with you, though I’m not sure why. I promise, I’m not just showing off, despite that I am pretty dang proud of my gradient transitions. (except on the boy’s skin to scales. I got lazy and was ready to be done.) I think I was, again, craving doing something with paint and a color other than graphite. It took me much longer than I am willing to admit to finish painting this. 

I’m not that great with watercolor (yet) but one thing that I have learned from watching others who are great at it is to use thin layers in light, almost pastel, colors and build up your colors slowly. I think the only time I didn’t do that was with the girl mermaid’s hair where it’s closest to her head and face because I just loved how rich the color was straight out of the palette. The rest is all done in light layers. On paper not meant for watercolor. I’m actually decently surprised that I didn’t ruin the paper with all the color blending and water that I used. I did another picture with the same paint, but in a different book and it shredded horribly, despite the paper in that book being thicker.

….and because I’m all about trying to get a lot better at saying where I’m getting my stuff from… like reference photos and the like, here is a picture of the cover of the book. It’s a little weird on the inside. I think the picture that I chose to paint is about the most normal of all of the pictures. I kind of like that about this book, but I definitely have to be in the right mood to paint a girl’s disembodied head covered in tentacles. I believe I found this book at JoAnn’s in the same place where they keep their books (not magazines). In my local store, that’s all the way in the back where they keep sewing patterns and buttons. If you reach the stuffing and giant rolls of foam, you’ve gone too far.

I haven’t 100% decided yet, but I may take a short break from my online Mystery Drawing Course. May. I don’t know. I finally have time enough to do it, so I don’t want to not to it and then run out of time, and have that be all I want to do. Again. Like this past semester.

However. Big, big however. There’s a drawing technique that I want to try. The only reason that I haven’t yet, is that I know it’s going to be repetitive and boring. It will not make for good blog posts. According to this kind of long video (no affiliate links or anything) I can improve my drawing skills more quickly if I do what’s being suggested than if I just draw and doodle whatever. And it makes sense to me. But the idea of drawing just heads for a long time… just the idea of it bores me. But I do want to be better… and I’m pretty sure that I’m fairly analytical… but I’m also intuitive? Maybe I just want to be intuitive so I’ve convinced myself that I am. I don’t know. I should ask my mom lol

Either way, you only get better at drawing a thing if you draw that thing. Many times. Maybe I can do both the class and this technique? At least I’ll have dozens of pages of heads and I won’t have the excuse that I don’t know what to draw that day if I’m not feeling up to drawing something for the Mystery Course.

I guess the only way to know for sure is to give it a shot, yeah?

June 12, 2019

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