Lots of Faces…

...Like... a *lot* of faces...

...Seriously. Like a metric ton of faces.

This is the part where I make a few jokes and talk about the drawing that I did and the process that I went through, the headspace I was in, and you know, other general stuff like that. However, I tried this technique? I guess you would call it that.  I drew 20 faces (more or less) every day. I think some days I drew a couple more to fill out the page, and I know at least one day I drew only two. Maybe it was four. Either is much smaller than 20.

So instead of my usual format of talking about one drawing at a time, I’m going to try out this fun slideshow thing and you can (hopefully) see my slight progression from absolute I-did-this-blindfolded garbage to 3rd grade level garbage. Some of these I’m pretty happy with, but most of them I’m not. All of them, though, taught me something, so for that reason alone, this whole experiment was a success. I will probably do more of these types again, but I don’t know if I will share them. Part of me wants to, but another part of me asks myself, like crazy people do, “Who really cares? How interesting is it honestly going to be to just look at pictures of the same crappy thing repeatedly?”

Towards the very end (after the good faces) things took a wrong turn and I just quit. I got very frustrated after having made faces that I was surprised came from my pencil that started to again look like the faces towards the beginning of the slideshow, and all I did was try to make them slightly larger.

I’ve tried for many days since then to figure out what went wrong. Was it just because I tried to make them bigger? Because I had done that before. I went from 10 faces per page to eight per page and it didn’t really seem to affect the quality of my faces. Then I had gone from eight per page to six and my faces seemed to get better. All I did was try to have the face fill out the washi tape-marked spaces a bit better.

Maybe I tried to go too big too fast? Maybe I just need more skill? More practice? 

Maybe I needed to warm up? I have been thinking about that a bit lately, and the only thing that really stops me is lack of very large paper on which to practice by making large sweeping motions which are supposed to loosen up the shoulder muscles and improve hand-eye coordination. I already made some plans to go to the local Uhaul on payday and see about getting some packing paper because it’s cheaper to get packing paper than it is to buy newsprint, which I’ve heard is what most art students in the fancy art schools use to practice on… and packing paper is pretty much the same thing. I’ve actually used it before when I was trying to map out a brain think for a story I was working on back when I had the brain power to write stories. (ie: before kids.)

I’d use regular newspaper that we get (unsolicited!!) in the mail, but I want to actually see what I’m doing. So there goes that recycling art hack.

In other news. It’s hot here. Like stupid hot. I don’t think our AC turns off for more than five minutes before it kicks in again. This is relevant because I have to go outside to get newsprint and art supplies that I’m hoarding like a dragon.

June 28, 2019

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