The Great Catch Up – Part Five(?)

We've Got To Be Getting Closer...

I must almost be caught up, because I'm running out of scans!

See? I told you I tried again! So here’s the story:

For my birthday, my husband got me a subscription to an art supply box. In that box was paint pens, a weird board thing, black canvas board, and some “Hello my name is….” stickers. I actually put one on the front page of my sketchbook, because drawing on the front page is weird. Anyway, there was also a prompt card, and one of the prompts was “space” and I felt bad not using the supplies to you know, actually make a space scene. So I still did not use the supplies to make a space scene, I used acrylic instead. But this time! This time I used that black canvas board and gouache (and a bit of acrylic) and made space!!! It still did not turn out the way I imagined, but at least this time, it kind of looks like nebula clouds. 

What I Love:  It looks like space! Painting on the canvas was a bit weird because of how thin I made the gouache (some day, I will not have to look up that word to remember how to spell it). I think this time, maybe I should have used all acrylic… hahaha! But it looks like the thing I was attempting to make. Also, it was nice to use some color after all the graphite.

What I Can Improve: I would have liked the colors to be a bit more saturated, so I can continue to learn how to manipulate (looking it up) gouache so that I can get the vibrant colors that I’m after and still be able to get that wispy watery effect that I liked using here.

This is another piece that came out of new supplies from the subscription box. I got I think eight bottles of watercolor ink and a pad of mixed media paper. I do not suggest using mixed media paper if you’re going to water down the watercolor inks. 🙂 It doesn’t like all that water. I was flipping through either Pinterest or Intagram and I saw someone using a fan brush to make long grass, and I had to try it. So this image is totally “inspired by” whomever that person was. Unfortunately, I was scrolling by quickly when I saw it, and when I scrolled back up to check it out further, the page decided to reload and I was unable to catch who was doing the tutorial. If I ever find out, I will update this post with the proper credit in the caption of my art piece.

What I Love:  It was really fun learning how to manipulate the inks, since I had never even heard of them before. I knew of watercolor, and I knew of ink and people using ink to paint, but never of this weird love child between the two. They were smooth, and almost gel like? They blended really well, but also ANY time a previous layer got wet, they reactivated, which made getting a black black (instead of a grey black) really difficult. I love the colors in this, the transition between colors, the contrast…it was all very fun to do… and it made a great Mother’s Day present for my mom once I had affixed it to some backing board to give it strength, and sealed it so an accidental spill/splash wouldn’t reactive the inks and make a mess.

What I Can Improve:  There’s a weird spot in the middle(ish) on the right side that doesn’t look like it blended correctly, and no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get it to be smooth like the rest.  I’d like to try to make something else, or maybe even just some test pages on scrap watercolor paper, and blend these colors together again. I know they’ll probably still reactivate, since that’s one of the things they talked about in their ad as a selling point (I had to look up how to use them and what they were before I tried anything) but I’d like to see if using actual watercolor paper instead of mixed media paper would have any affect on how the inks behave… and then cold pressed vs hot pressed. It’s almost like science…

I am officially out of art scans to upload into the blog. I have one more left from May and then the rest are all from this month. So nice to be (almost) caught up! I cannot imagine how long this would have taken had I actually drawn something every day like I wanted to. I really need to stop being such a slacker. I enjoy writing for this site and actually drawing, so I don’t know why I put it off like I do. Oh right. Video games. (Seriously, have you played Fallout 4?? It’s pretty fun!)

June 6, 2019

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