The Great Catch Up – Part Four

I -- I don't even know...

Tea and a blob? Or is that a whale? A whale blob?

A while back… gosh.. a super long while back now… my pottery class was having a weird discussion about teapots. For those who do not know, learning to throw a teapot on the wheel is difficult. Your whole ceramic life you’re being told to never ever make a closed form because it will become a bomb in the kiln and explode. (Cripes, Isis in the last post, bombs in this one… I’m getting flagged, I just know it.)  Then you learn to throw a teapot. You make a closed form! How else are you going to make a lid that fits when you’re a pottery noob??? Magic? Is that a thing? Can I that be done? I’d like a do-over please. Send me back, with magic, and give me more time in that specific semester to actually be able to make all of the projects that were listed in our syllabus…because I did not. Poor teapot. I do not have you.

Okay, back up. Restart. To make a teapot, you basically make a ball, kind of. Once it’s closed, you use the force of the air inside and you can reshape the pot if you don’t like the shape that it’s in. Then it dries to “cheese hard” as my instructor always said. I always wondered what kind of cheese we’re talking about! Brie is way softer than cheddar! Once cheese hard, you hack off the top of the pot and make that piece into a lid, through magic, obviously; and then you throw and attach a spout. Or maybe you throw the spout when you throw the pot so they’re the same hardness of cheese when you go to put the spout on. I did not make a teapot. I was still (at this point) trying to get my 20 cups (10 matching, and 10 with handles… I managed one. I don’t like handles) and my 6 matching bowls.

Wow. Disgress much? I will get the point I swear!

So we were talking about teapots and how they’re difficult to perfect the perfect shape and the perfect spout to get the perfect pour. One of my classmates ONLY made teapots the entire semester. I think he ended up with ten, and only two of them poured well. He used my cups to pour into. Haha. Somehow, this turned into talk of a teapot tattoo with marks to commemorate the “lost pots” that didn’t pour well, caved in before they could get cheese hard, and basically just didn’t make the cut. No pun intended. (Cheese, top of the lid being cut off, or otherwise.) It was like how inmates have the tears by their eyes to show how many people they’ve killed… or some such. I’ve never been “in” so I don’t *really* know what those tears are for. So for this discussion, and for the fun of it, I designed the teapot tattoo. More triangles implied…. (No critque for this one. It was fun and silliness, not actually trying to improve at drawing.)

Drips of tea for our fallen teapot bretheren!

I do not pretend to know what this is. I was trying for “space” based on a prompt but that did not work at all. I don’t know if it’s a whale, space whale, shark, whale shark, narwhal, space narwhal? It’s a blob. It was supposed to be the empty space (ha!) between the colorful gas clouds of a nebula.  Clearly, that idea failed. I believe I used acrylics for this. I should take better notes of what I’m doing… or you know… write these posts closer to the actual date of when I make a thing so I can remember having to scrape dried paint off a plate and throw yet another brush that I missed during clean up into the ‘for nail art’ bin. I think I’m up to four brushes designated for nail art and Elmer’s glue now.

I don’t know if trying this idea would have worked better had I painted the page black first, and then after it dried, going over it with thicker globs on color to make the clouds? I’ve done this in watercolor when I was just goofing off making crappy origami paper from printer paper and it looked great. Who would have thought that the application wouldn’t translate to a different medium. (I should have thought. I didn’t. I just leapt. Like I do.)

When will I ever learn?

I've deicided to call him Fail Whale.

Do not mock his majestic majesty!

What I love:  The colors look nice together? It was fun thinning out the acrylic with water to get thinner layers of color. It was almost like I was kidding myself into thinking it would behave like watercolor…

What I can improve: Uh… see next post with attempt #2? Consider the medium before I try something. Just because I want to fill a page in a cheap sketchbook made with really cheap paper and I know it won’t be able to hand the water from watercolor paint, does not mean I can just choose a different kind of paint and have it all do what I want it to do. Truth be told,. if I were to do this again (and I did) even acrylic would be the wrong medium because of how thin this paper is. I think pencil is about the only thing this paper can handle. Even marker would bleed through to the other side, and possibly onto another sheet or two.

Thanks for reading! I hope you got a laugh or two reading my blunders and silliness.

June 6, 2019

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