The Great Catch Up – Part Three

The Bunny and the Birb

Are we almost caught up yet? (Not if I keep being distracted!)

As I write this, it is June. Clearly, the date on this doodle (it’s not worthy of being called a drawing!) it about a month and a half ago. Let it never be said that I can do things in a timely fashion. Making new habits (like taking the time away from replaying Fallout 4 and write these posts)  has never been easy for me. I’ve heard it said it takes 30 days to make a new habit, but honestly, I think it takes me more like 90. Heck, I’m still trying to get drawing daily worked in there.

Anyway, I don’t have a lot to say about this drawing. It was close to Easter, and I felt like I needed to draw a bunny. Out of obligation to the Easter revelries and eggs that were not found before the chocolate inside them melted in the desert sun. I didn’t do it well. In my sketchbook it just looks like a rough bunny sketch. On screen here, he looks angry. Very angry. 

I’m sorry I didn’t make you better and quit in frustration Angry Bunny. One day I will have the patience to draw things that I think I should do instead of drawing only the things that I want to draw in that very moment. Please forgive me, Angry Bunny, because you were not really something that I wanted to draw.

What I Love: Hoo boy…. Um. He has a nice head shape, and his tail looks like a tail, not a cotton ball glued on by a kindergartener? He’s fat? … or is that bunny fluff? (Please don’t hate me for calling you fat, Angry Bunny.)

What I can Improve: Everything. Literally. I could have actually attempted to finish this. Taken my time. Not been in such a rush to just put something down and get it over with. Or you know, I could draw something that I actually want to draw… or find a way to enjoy the process and what I’m making. I’m pretty good at that normally. I don’t think I would have survived History if I didn’t make myself find one small thing to like and latch onto it like a leech!

Here’s the other picture that I think I mentioned. I also sketched this one while watching Stargate SG-1. It’s been a while since we’ve watched a few episodes… and I’m out of Egyptian deities. Maybe it’s time to watch a few more. 🙂

Egyptian mythology is interesting. I hadn’t really looked into it at all since 6th grade, but trying to find out any information about Isis was well… like slogging through the muck of terrorism. I could not find, definitively, which bird Isis was supposed to have the wings of… and which goddess is in charge of what, and whom and Hathor and Nut and different personifications etc. etc. etc. You’d think that a culture that has one of the first known written languages would have kept better records. :p (I kid, I kid….) I think, in the end, I based this drawing on a kestrel. It was pretty. I did the same thing that I did with Anubis and put Isis’ symbol in the sun juuuuuuust enough to be there, and stylized the eye to be more like makeup. I’m finding it difficult to depict in graphite something that would be much easier to show in colors. It would be so much easier to show stripes in feathers with a fan brush and paint! I’m also finding a new sort of respect for black and white/pen/graphite art. Showing something in only value differences is hard. There are no real lines, just different values of color…

What I Love: I really like how the eye came out… and I think I did a good job on the beak and depicting shine on the beak. I love (and dislike, as you’ll see) the feet. They were difficult because I kept having to fight with my brain about how a bird foot should look and what I was actually seeing. Drawing what you actually see takes skill, y’all.

What I can Improve: The feet. The tail-to-body transition area. Accurately depicting feathers. The pose looks off, but that’s how the bird was standing… Is this one of those moments where you take artistic liberty and make it look less like someone grabbed this birds leg and yanked it in the wrong direction and then made it stand with only on leg on a stick? (I swear, only one foot was showing!)

I always feel like I need to put something at the end of my self-critiques and before I finish the post. So… here it is.


June 6, 2019

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