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‘Tis time again for another installment of ‘What the heck?’ As in, what the heck did you draw that for? This one is just random shapes. You know, randomly, as I looked around the room and saw I shape, I drew it. 🙂 I had heard some advice that said “If you don’t know what to draw, start with a shape and see what happens.” So I drew shapes, and nothing happened but shapes. 🙂

I had been at my daughter’s field trip to one of those pizza and prizes type of restaurants. Her class had gone there, and she begged me to go. I’m not registered as a parent volunteer, so I couldn’t travel with them, but they couldn’t stop me from showing up to a public place around lunch time to eat with my daughter. 

Plus, her teacher knew me from past classroom parties. (And for education’s sake, they used cardboard pizza wedges to play math games and non-educational game tokens for winning… and I’m sure more educational stuff before I got there, considering they were there for the entire school day, and I showed up only for lunch. If I recall correctly, I had my last day of my ceramics class that morning… but now that I think about it, that doesn’t sound right.) This page of random shapes from around the restaurant did not fare well, as you can see. It’s all wrinkly and weird looking, and it really does look like it could use a bath. The other side of the page is my fail whale ‘painting.’

What I love:  Um. Er… uh…it looks like it would be a neat concept if I filled the entire page with shapes overlapping other shapes, and then maybe colored it in? I don’t remember how long I was there by the time I started doodling this. I just remember it felt like forever, and there was a new ice age moving in because it was so cold in the room… and I left the very second that my daughter’s class did just so I could warm up from sitting in my car that had been baking in the desert sun.

What I can improve: The self critiques are hard on this one. I wasn’t trying to do anything, and I wasn’t trying to improve any certain skill. Heck. I traced the circle from the little container that I keep my kneaded eraser in. (Consequently, I can no longer find that container…) There are definitely things that I could do better… but I’m not sure if drawing perfect stars and circles without tracing around something is realistic.  Like I said in the other column… I could have gone back to it and finished the page by filling it with shapes, but I honestly didn’t want to. It was just something to doodle and be productive with my time while my daughter spent her tokens.

Eggs! Glorious eggs! Gravity defying wonders!

This was an assignment given by one of those online ‘draw better faster!’ kind of classes… though I don’t think that’s exactly how it’s marketed. It was on super duper sale for like $5, so I figured, why not? *** If anything, it will be something that will give me stuff to draw to practice, and I may end up learning something. 

There are rumors going around the watercooler at my husband’s workplace that he may be getting a new position before the end of the year. Consequently, the drawing class that I enrolled in for my art degree is this fall. So another bonus to doing the online (non-credit giving) class is that I am getting some sort of class in. There’s no way of knowing if I’ll be able, or when I’ll be able to continue my degree if we end up having to move (which has happened before).

What I love:  I love eggs. They taste good, and they’re super versatile. I know, this was an assignment to practice perspective and shading/light and shadows, but it was a meh assignment that I really only did for the practice. A lot of the assignments seem to be “I drew this, now you draw it too.” So if you’ve taken my mystery course, you may see a lot of the same assignments you’ve already done.

What I could improve: I left a lot of white space at the bottom. It looks pretty centered on the page, but again, things look different once I scan my sketchbook and put the drawings on the computer. The big thing I’m noticing going through my head when I do this part of the posts (that may not always make it to the screen) is I wish I had slowed down and taken my time. I don’t think this is a bad practice (the drawing, not the slowing down, though that applies too) it just wasn’t very appealing at the time, no pun intended. (Get it? Because you peel an hard-boiled egg. I’m so funny…) I just keep waiting for the fun assignments, like drawing people or something more than food.

It’s so much easier to see my good advice to myself when I’m writing these posts, but for some reason, my brain is like a colander, and I just can’t seem to remember that good advice in the heat of the moment. I used to think I was a patient person. After all, I am also a knitter, and some of those things I made took a month or more of 5+ hours of knitting each day to get done. I swear, for about two or three years, there wasn’t a moment that went by where I wasn’t knitting every time my hands were free… and then I took up spinning yarn so that I could knit with it. So yeah. I have thought of myself as a patient person. I guess that only applies when you seem to have a knack for something, and can see the progress you’re making in the skill from project to project. Not when every line you draw seems to take about 15 or more wrong lines before you get the right one. I should buy stock in erasers.

*** I have not yet determined if the course that I spent five HUGE dollars on is worth taking…because I’m still in the very beginning of the course. Or at least it feels that way. I am hesitant to mention what course it is and where you can take it because of this. Once I figure it out, if it’s something that I think others will benefit from, I will mention, and recommend and link and probably dedicate a whole post to it… because when I really really like something, I REALLY REALLY like something. Until then, it shall continue to be Mystery Course…or class…or you know, whatever I end up calling it because I don’t have the brain space to try and remember what I’m calling it from post to post.

June 12, 2019

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